Hotel review – Cambria LAX El Segundo

If you’re looking for a place to crash after a long flight, or simply want somewhere a little sharper, a little better thought out, The Cambria LAX might be for you!  There’s a pool, free wifi and parking, and it’s good value too.

Cambria LAX

Here’s a modern, hip hotel in the heart of, well, there’s a point there.   This hotel is on a business subdivision kinda next door to Northrop Grumman and Mattel in El Segundo, California – don’t come here for the views or the party lifestyle!  It’s almost as if they’re there waiting for the surroundings to get built.  We arrived in the pitch black after a much-more-bearable-than-it-sounds 11 hour flight and the GPS took us to the door which is handy because by the time we got here we were DONE.   It’s about a fifteen minute drive from the rental cars at LAX and we managed to pass two In’n’Out Burgers without stopping which for me is a new all-time best, especially as we were hungry.

We were met by a cheerful chap who explained the hotel’s features and opening times.  Highlights are these – an outdoor pool area with a cool firepit, a nondescript and very quiet bar with open plan seating areas, a Business Centre (OK, a PC and a printer) and a nicely stocked Gym for which I set a direct course, if only to confirm its existence.   It’s all very stylish and although it all looked great it wasn’t what you’d call inviting.  There’s a small display of snacks and drinks that are very expensive – you pay at reception.

This is how much things will cost in the future

The formalities over we headed to our room on the fourth floor (of six).  We both had a quiet “hmm, nice” to ourselves as we walked in – immediately noticing a walk-in shower and lovely big inviting warm soft lovely it’s been fifteen hours can we sleep now please bed.  Cambria LAX room


There’s a fridge, coffee making facilities, ironing kit, safe and loads of handy USB sockets and power ports.  There’s also a big-boy TV (we never did make the Google Connect thing work)  and a shallow desk over which to immediately spread everything small that you own, with a wide armless chair which is comfortable for half an hour at least, while you get your work done.  There’s free, three clicks and you’re in wifi that works very well (I was getting 10Mpbs).


We decided to have a quick beer and some food – the bar prices aren’t super cheap ($5 bottled beers) but Jesse in the kitchen made us a very tasty Chicken Caesar salad

20171028_201240and Chicken Ciabatta with roasted peppers –  then came out to check everything was fine.  For bar food it was very good – and the total was around $40.

But we were here to sleep and as such, this hotel is great.  The bed’s softer than we’re used to but the pillows (there’s more in the wardrobe) are wonderful.  They’re just so…soft and inviting and lovely.  Jen’s currently collapsed in them mumbling something about large scale soft-goods theft.

Every hotel needs a “Moment”.  It might be a “Wow!” or a “oh, nice!” and in this case it’s in the bathroom.  I might be a complete Luddite here but I’ve never seen a Bluetooth mirror before!  Connecting the phone was quick and easy and soon I was showering happily, 20171028_192806listening to Elbow’s “Newborn” coming from somewhere behind the bathroom mirror.  It’s great, and so much more inclusive than the always presumptuous iPhone dock which is great if you’re an iPhoner and useless if you’re us. Yes, there’s a photo of a mirror.  Leave me alone. I liked it!

There’s a nice range of Bath and Body works toiletries, and nice big towels, too.  We had great showers.  Just what you need after a long trip.


Overall, we’d definitely stay here again without hesitation.  It’s a little out of the way but for the price its a good deal for a modern well thought out room that is easy to access and navigate if you’re a bigger person.  The warm welcome and well equipped, well laid out and comfortable rooms are the icing on the cake.  We slept really well, eventually (jet lag…nightmare).  Highly Recommended.


Please note that we have not received any payment for this review.  We paid for the room ourselves.